• The Lion Voltron series was somewhat of an accident. World Events Productions' (WEP) had originally planned for there to be a Voltron Trilogy that would be comprised of dubs of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, Arbegas, and Daltanious.

    Due to a miscommunication, Toei accidentally sent WEP episodes of Beast King Golion instead of Daltanious. Feeling that Golion was the superior of the two series and would fare better, WEP decided to drop Daltanious and dub Golion instead. Thus, the Lion Voltron series was born.

    Dairugger was eventually dubbed into the Vehicle Voltron series. Plans to dub Arbegas were dropped when the reception to the Vehicle Voltron series was not as positive as the reception the Lion Voltron series got.

  • Names that were considered for the titular robot during pre-production of the series: Klystron, Voltor, and Volton. It was the show's logo designer, Bill England, who came up with the final name of Voltron.

  • Prince Lotor was originally named Kargil. Lotor's original name was changed because producer Ted Koplar apparently did not like it.

  • Nanny was originally named Verda.

  • Prince Bandor was apparently originally going to be named Lam, then Voak.

  • Princess Romelle was apparently originally going to be named Era, then Orulla.

  • The space explorers were originally called space pioneers.

  • Planet Arus was originally named Planet Nim.

  • Planet Polux was apparently originally going to be named Planet Sura.

  • The Blazing Sword was originally called Sword of Justice.

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