Fans will recognize the familiar characters, but now writer Dan Jolley and artists Mark Brooks and Clayton Brown introduce these characters with origins never before seen. Find out how the five maverick pilots were chosen for the mission to bring back the legendary war machine called Voltron ... and how a distant alien princess knew they were coming.

STORY: Dan Jolley
PENCILS: Mark Brooks
INKS: Clayton Brown
COLORS: Danimation
COVER: Mark Brooks

Originally published in May 2003

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  • Keith's middle and surname, Kogane Akira, and Hunk's first name, Tsuyoshi, were taken from the GoLion series. Kogane Akira was Keith's name in GoLion while Tsuyoshi was Hunk's first name in GoLion.

  • In Panel 2 of Page 7, Keith's surname is misspelt as 'Konage'. This mistake was supposed to be fixed in the Volume 1 trade paperback, but it wasn't on the "correction notes" when the trade paperback was put together, so the mistake went un-fixed.

  • Here's something for martial arts buffs: note that Keith, a kung fu expert and qualified instructor, is wearing a red belt instead of black. At first you'd think that this is because Keith's civilian clothing colour is primarily red and having his belt red would keep in tone with that. But that isn't the case. Some kung fu instructors, in accordance with a tradition that I'm not familiar with, wear red belts instead of black when instructing classes and it's this reason why Keith is wearing a red belt and not a black belt.

  • An alternate, unpublished version of the cover exists. The art is the same but the Voltron logo at the top of the cover does not have a red inner border and the silver colouring has a noticeably different shade, and the cover bears the Image logo instead of the Devil's Due logo:

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