With a few moments to breathe, Keith and the rest of the team try to learn more about Arus and its situation, even as Sven lies in a coma. Their respite is all to brief however, as they recieve a visit from Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor .... and, to their horror, see a gigantic coffin ship arrive, bearing one of Haggar's dreaded Robeasts. Will Sven awaken in time for the five pilots to stop the threat? Witness the first sign of Voltron's true return in chapter 4 of 'Revelations'.

STORY: Dan Jolley
PENCILS: Mike Norton & Clint Hilinski with Tim Seeley
INKS: Clayton Brown
COLORS: Brett R. Smith
COVER: Mike Norton, Tim Seeley, Clayton Brown & Brett R. Smith

Originally published in August 2003

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  • There's a minor art goof in this issue. When Lotor attacks Lance, he belts him on the left side of his face. But after the attack, all subsequent panels featuring Lance show that he has bruises on the right side of his face instead of the left side.

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