The rebuilding of Arus has truly begun, as the Voltron Force take advantage of their hard-won victory over King Zarkon's deadly Robeast. But what massive danger does this cease-fire conceal -- and what does the arrival of Colonel Hawkins on Arus have to do with it? It's intrigue, action, and wrenching betrayal in Chapter One of "Paradise Lost."

STORY: Dan Jolley w/ Marie Croall
PENCILS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski with Tim Seeley
INKS: Clayton Brown
COLORS: Ben Hunzeker

Originally published in January 2004

Cover A
E.J. Su

Cover B
Retailer Incentive
Tim Seeley

Page 17 *

Page 17 (textless)

Page 18 *

Page 18 (textless)

Page 20 (textless)

* = Latest addition

  • The theft of the Lions by the Alliance was the idea of co-writer Marie Croall.

  • I own the original pencil of the wrap-around cover (Cover A).

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