Following the shocking raid on Arus, the five members of the Voltron Force stage a secret mission to Earth, determined to take back what's theirs. At the same time, the newly-demoted Commander Hawkins uncovers startling corruption at the highest levels of Galaxy Garrison -- and a threat that could give the Drule Supremacy a decisive upper hand in the interstellar cold war. It's action, infiltration, and the first appearance of the Vehicle Voltron team, in Chapter 2 of "Paradise Lost".

STORY: Dan Jolley w/ Marie Croall
PENCILS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski
INKS: Clayton Brown
COLORS: Ben Hunzeker

Originally published in February 2004

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  • Recognise the "Voltron knock-off that didn't take"? It's Albegas, the 'Voltron that never was'. The line is both a joke and reference to the Albegas series never becoming Voltron as originally planned despite having a toy made under the Voltron name.

  • I own the original pencils of Pages 16, 20 and 22.

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