The brewing storm comes to a head in the penultimate issue of "Paradise Lost". On the run from the bizarre "Vehicle Voltron", the Arusian Lion team takes refuge in a remote location in an effort to recharge ... but no-one could have expected the brutal confrontation that follows. Who will emerge victorious? Will the Drules prove too tough for either Voltron team? Find out in "Convergence".

STORY: Dan Jolley w/ Marie Croall
PENCILS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski
INKS: Clayton Brown
COLORS: Ben Hunzeker
COVER: E.J. Su & Andrew Pepoy

Originally published in April 2004

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  • Of all the art he did for the comic, the cover of this issue is E.J. Su's favourite piece.

  • I own the original pencils of Pages 2 & 8.

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