Brand new story arc! As Planet Arus and the Galactic Union begin tentative political relations, the Lion Team get to know the visting pilots of the "Vehicle Voltron" force. But on Naraku, the ultra-secret homeworld of the Drule Supremacy's First Kingdom, a Supreme Council is underway ... and the fate of Arus may rest in the hands of the ten assembled Drule monarchs. Plus a new threat arises that the Lion Team never could have foreseen. It's a perfect jumping-on point for new readers, in Chapter One of "Warpath".

STORY: Dan Jolley w/ Marie Croall
PENCILS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski
COLORS: David Messina, Frederica Manfredi & Barbara Bargiggia
COVER: E.J. Su & Ben Hunzeker

Originally published in June 2004

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  • When the preview pages (above) were released, the lone speech bubble on Page 2 was incorrectly placed, making it look like Jeff is speaking instead of the off-page Hunk. The mistake was fixed before publication.

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