After the bizarre, shocking incident in the Control Room of the Castle of Lions, the Lion Voltron Force seeks help from Commander Hawkins and the Vehicle Team before launching into space. Their mission: track down the telepathic Drule monarch called Queen Merla...and either force her to return what she's taken -- or make a choice that may tear the team apart. And what role does Lotor play in the rapidly unfolding intergalactic havoc? Find out in Chapter Two of "Warpath."

STORY: Dan Jolley w/ Marie Croall
PENCILS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski
COLORS: David Messina, Frederica Manfredi & Barbara Bargiggia
COVER: Don Figueroa, Clayton Brown & Grafix Sismik

Originally published in July 2004

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Page 20 (textless)

* = Latest addition

  • I own the original pencils of Pages 10 and 11.

  • An alternate, unpublished version of the cover exists. The primary art is the same but there's a few colouring differences, less shadow and reflective details on Voltron's left leg (Yellow Lion), and the space background has a green hue in it:

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