Beginning this month: the Devil's Due Debut of renowned writer Mark Waid! The origin of the Voltron robot has always been shrouded in mystery…until now! Beginning in this issue, a four part back up series explores the beginnings of the Voltron mythos for the first time! And if THAT wasn't enough, this issue also features the explosive conclusion to the "Warpath" arc! They've been betrayed by one of their own-and even as they battle for his soul, Team Voltron must team with Sven-and Lotor-to defeat a force that could destroy them all. Why did Sven defect to the Drule? Who will be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the team's annihilation? Everything is answered this issue!

STORY: Dan Jolley (main story) & Mark Waid (back-up story)
PENCILS: Alitha Martinez w/ Clint Hilinski
COLORS: David Messina & Barbara Bargiggia
COVER: Clement Sauve & Blond

Originally published in October 2004

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