With the horrible consequences of their battle with Lotor and Sven still reverberating, the Voltron team track a distress signal to a remote part of space. They hope against hope that it will lead them to their missing friend—but what they discover will come as a shock. And amid the chaos, Allura continues to grapple with her approaching destiny… Also: Part two of Mark Waid’s exploration of the origins of Voltron. How did the Drule called Zarkon rise from a lowly infantryman to the ruler of the Ninth Kingdom — and what does it have to do with Voltron?

STORY: Marie Croall (main story) & Mark Waid (back-up story)
PENCILS: Alitha Martinez w/ Clint Hilinski
COLORS: David Messina & Ben Hunzeker
COVER: Clement Sauve & Blond

Originally published in December 2004

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  • The final issue of the comic. Poor sales forced Devil's Due to end the comic. The abrupt end of the comic affected the back-up story regarding Voltron's origin and Zarkon's rise to power. The back-up story was supposed to be five parts long, but the comic's sudden end forced part two of the back-up story to be re-written to conclude in this issue.

  • An alternate version of page 14 was drawn and coloured but not used:

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