Ultimate victory has never been closer for the Voltron Force. King Zarkon's brutal regime has been pushed to the edges of the galaxy, left to wage a series of desperate and losing battles to claim innocent victims while they still can. But Zarkon knows something---a secret about Voltron over a hundred years old that could change everything for the Galaxy Alliance. This isn't the Voltron we all know, but one redefined and re-imagined by those he and his adventures have inspired over the years. This is Generation Voltron...

WRITTEN BY: Brandon Thomas
COLORED BY: Marcelo Pinto

Originally published in December 2011

Cover A - Regular
Alex Ross

Cover A - Virgin
Alex Ross

Cover A - B&W
Alex Ross

Cover B - Regular
Alex Ross

Cover B - Virgin
Alex Ross

Cover B - Negative
Alex Ross

Cover C - Regular
Sean Chen

Cover C - Fiery Red
Sean Chen

Cover D - Regular
Wagner Reis

Cover D - B&W
Wagner Reis

Hastings Exclusive
Jack Herbert

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