The Japanese anime that was edited to create VOLTRON continues! Evil Prince Sincline is a brutal warlord who doesn't hesitate to execute an incompetent subordinate or a helpless slave. Haunted by dreams of his late mother, he becomes obsessed with Princess Fala because she bears a striking resemblance to her. As the princess tries to evade his mad schemes, her cousin Amue escapes from Sincline's dungeon. After Sincline shoots down Amue's ship over a forgotten ice planet he stages an elaborate trap for Fala and Kogane. Kogane and the Golion team will have to bring their synchronization with the super robot to a new level, or they will never stop Sincline's tyranny!

  • STUDIO: Media Blasters/Anime Works
  • DATE OF RELEASE: August 11, 2008
  • EPISODES ON DVD: GoLion Eps 19-36
  • RUN TIME: 450 minutes
  • VIDEO DETAILS: 1.33:1, 4:3, NTSC format
  • AUDIO DETAILS: Japanese 2.0 mono
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • REGION: 1

  • Trailers for King Of Braves Gaogaigar, Giant Robo, and Alteil.

  • None

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