A series of unnatural earth tremors frightens the Space mice into action. Rather than running or hiding, they begin to train like soldiers, and fight a pitched battle against the Blue Cat. To back them up, Pidge builds them their very own robot vehicle, a flying mouse. Before they have a successful flight, Voltron is trapped by a powerful underground Robeast. It's up to the Space Mice to launch a rescue mission!

  • STUDIO: Media Blasters/Anime Works
  • DATE OF RELEASE: September 25, 2007
  • EPISODES ON DVD: Lion Voltron Eps 46-59
  • RUN TIME: 350 minutes
  • VIDEO DETAILS: 1.33:1, 4:3, NTSC format
  • AUDIO DETAILS: English 2.0, English 5.1
  • REGION: 1

  • Voice Actor Interviews (features Neil Ross, Michael Bell & BJ Ward)
  • Season Three Featurette
  • Man On The Street: Voltron Memories
  • Gallery 1984

  • None

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