Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Princess Allura have finally launched a successful assault on Planet Doom and destroyed King Zarkon's arsenal. In response, Zarkon calls upon all his evil allies in the empire. The undefeated warrior Stride is bound to answer this call by an ancient oath, even though he is an honorable man. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison prepares a massive counterstrike against the Drule Empire with the help of all the Alliance planets. Zarkon and his new allies stage a raid on their headquarters during the Alliance meeting, forcing Voltron into a life or death struggle with Galaxy Garrison as the backdrop!

  • STUDIO: Media Blasters/Anime Works
  • DATE OF RELEASE: December 11, 2007
  • EPISODES ON DVD: Lion Voltron Eps 60-72
  • RUN TIME: 325 minutes
  • VIDEO DETAILS: 1.33:1, 4:3, NTSC format
  • AUDIO DETAILS: English 2.0, English 5.1
  • REGION: 1

  • Deleted Scenes From Season 3
  • King Of Beasts: GoLion Preview
  • Vehicle Voltron Preview
  • History Of WEP
  • Voltron "Lost Episode"

  • None

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