Keith, Lane, Hunk, Pidge, and Sven are an elite team of space explorers sent to find the last princess of Arus, Allura, and the keys to Voltron. Together they discover the five lions that make up the legendary robot, buried in the smoking ruins of planet Arus. However, the evil warlord King Zarkon appears and rains down destruction across the universe. When things seem darkest, our heroes form Voltron and begin a new struggle against his cruel empire!

  • STUDIO: Media Blasters/Anime Works
  • DATE OF RELEASE: May 4, 2010
  • EPISODES ON DVD: Lion Voltron Eps 1-36
  • RUN TIME: 900 minutes
  • VIDEO DETAILS: 1.33:1, 4:3, NTSC format
  • AUDIO DETAILS: English 2.0, English 5.1
  • REGION: 1

  • Original Pilot: The Voltron Trilogy
  • Exclusive Staff Interviews
  • making of the DVDs Featurette
  • International Voltron Featurette
  • TV Ads
  • Buckethead Music Video
  • "You've Been Robo Served"

  • None

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