After Pidge and the rest of the Voltron Force safely make it back to the Castle of Lions they find the missing Black Lion Key. When Zarkon's forces begin another round of attacks on Arus, the Voltron Force form VOLTRON -- DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE and do battle with the Robeast.

WRITTEN BY: Jameson Brewer
TIMED BY: Jack Shaw
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 13, 1984

  • Outside of dialogue, the Robeast is referred to as 'Toad' in parts of the script.

  • Lance's line “I'll bet he's hiding!” was originally to be delivered in the shot of Keith telling Allura that Pidge has a funny sense of humour before Keith says his line. Lance's line was moved to the shot of him after exiting the elevator when the start of the shot of Keith was trimmed of approximately two seconds.

  • In case you missed it, the names that Allura calls two of the space mice are Toti and Inky. She was originally to be heard calling a third one Zay in the same shot, but the dialogue was deleted.

  • Oops: in the shot of the Voltron Force exiting the bottom of the elevator chutes, Allura is shown instead of Sven. This mistake is only present in the remastered version of the episode.

  • This episode has one noticeable audio difference between the U.S. DVD's 2.0 and 5.1 tracks:

    1. The very start of scene where the Voltron Force see the attacking Doom forces on the monitor has music present on the 5.1 track but not the 2.0 track. Also, the sequence where Sven suggests the Voltron Force get moving right up until the elevator is raised has music present on the 5.1 track but not the 2.0 track.

When Voltron was dubbed from Golion, the series suffered a number of edits, mostly to remove material that was considered objectionable or inappropriate for Voltron. However, some of the deleted material was intended to be featured in the series only to wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. This section details what deleted material was intended to be featured in "The Missing Key". Also detailed here are lines of dialogue that was scripted (and likely recorded) but not present in the episode.

  • Deleted from the sequence where Pidge attempts to waken the Voltron Force was a shot of him at the control panel and a pan shot of the desert where the Lions lay buried.

  • Deleted from the shot Coran triumphantly raising the just-discovered Black Lion Key were cheers of jubilation from the off-screen Voltron Force.

  • Deleted from the sequence where the Lions are twice engulfed in flames was a split-screen shot of the Voltron Force and a shot of Keith yelling “Hang on!” to his team mates.

    Keith's line is still present in the episode though and can be heard in the shot of the Lions being engulfed in flames for a second time.

Some lines of dialogue were originally scripted differently. This section details the noteworthy differences.

  • Haggar's line “Sire, the Voltron Force found the four Lions of the robot!” was originally scripted as: “Sire – the Voltron Force...found the four Robot Lion Ships.”

  • Haggar's line “They do not have the key that operates the fifth Lion!” was originally scripted as: “They do not have the key that operates the black lion!”

  • Haggar's line “Tomorrow will be the end of them!” was originally scripted as: “Tomorrow will see the end of them!”

  • Marhsal Graham's line “Your reports, gentlemen.” was originally scripted as: “You first, Miller.”

  • The Arusian peasant's line regarding the tunnels “We use them to hide from Zarkon's slave ships.” was originally scripted as: “Those of us who worked in the castle used them to escape when Zarkon attacked.”

    His next line “It's only a little bit further to the castle, small one.” was originally scripted as: “It's only a little bit farther to the castle, small one.”

  • Pidge's line “Where are you guys?! Please come in! Yurak's killer robots are out there and that monster's gonna attack again!” was originally scripted as: “Keith -- Lance -- Sven -- Hunk, where're you guys? Please come in...Yurak's killer robots are out there and that monster's gonna attack again! ... Please wake up!”

  • Keith's line “Hang on!” prior to Black Lion barging head-first into the Robeast's chest was originally scripted to be a wordless yell only.

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