The Explorer sustains damage after being caught in a meteor storm and must undergo repairs. Having observed what happened to the vessel, Mongo elects not to take immediate advantage of the situation when he realises the Explorer is in the path of another impending meteor shower, hoping that that particular storm will destroy the Voltron Force.

WRITTEN BY: Stan Oliver
TIMED BY: Bobby Bennett
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 20, 1984

  • The reason why Krik says “Hi, there. I'm here to help you.” in Jeff's voice instead of his own is because writer Stan Oliver appears to have mistaken Krik for Jeff in the shot.

  • Jeff, Cliff and Krik's lines stating they and their respective teams are ready to launch was originally scripted to be heard in the pan shot of the Voltron vehicles in the launch bay before the Voltron Force takes their seats on the launch area platforms.

    The lines were moved to the unscripted split-screen shots of the Voltron Force coming to rest in their vehicles when the shots were added at the last minute.

  • Jeff's line “We're on our way, team!” was originally scripted to be heard in the shot of the platform carrying the Voltron Force up to the launch area.

When Voltron was dubbed from Dairugger XV, the series suffered a number of edits, mostly to remove material that was considered objectionable or inappropriate for Voltron. However, some of the deleted material was intended to be featured in the series only to wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. This section details what deleted material was intended to be featured in "A Storm Of Meteors". Also detailed here are lines of dialogue that was scripted (and likely recorded) but not present in the episode.

  • Deleted from the shot of Jeff falling out of bed as the Explorer is being rattled by a meteor storm was a line from him: “What's happening?!”

  • Deleted from Steele signing off from the ultra-wave was a shot of the Explorer crew saluting.

    Also deleted from the end of the scene was a high-angle pull-back shot of the Explorer bridge and the crew. Had this shot been left in, it would have been the closing shot of the scene.

  • Deleted from the first scene of the Voltron Force helping the Explorer repair crew in space was a short sequence where Chip spirals uncontrollably past Rocky and Wolo as they replace a steel panel and is rescued by Rocky.

    The sequence as presented in the script (the deleted portion of the sequence starts after Rocky begins to weld the panel):

  • Deleted from the shot of the Robeast approaching the Explorer from behind prior to the Voltron vehicles launching was a line from the off-screen Newley giving an order: “Attention -- Voltron Force -- battle alert! Whatever's chasing us -- get rid of it!"

  • Deleted from Voltron's battle with the Robeast was a shot of Ginger yelling “Wing Beam -- Fire!!” prior to Voltron firing said weapon.

  • Deleted from one shot of two Explorer repairmen running into frame and kneeling down beside damage to carry out repairs was a line from one of the men: “Let's work!”

  • A shot of Ginger surrounded by energy and yelling “Can't we find a way out of here?!?” while Voltron is entangled in the Robeast's energised ropes was deleted.

    As evidenced in the script, writer Stan Oliver mistook Ginger for Lisa in the shot, so as a result the line was likely recorded in Lisa's voice instead of Ginger's, which would have contributed to the decision to delete the shot.

  • Deleted from Mongo's speech proclaiming that the Drules will rule the universe and they will stop Voltron was a slow zoom-in side-on shot of Mongo's fleet.

  • Deleted from the shot of the Spinning Laserblades forming on Voltron's shoulders and the defender of the universe then leaping out of frame was a line of dialogue from Jeff: “Come on, your rock stuff!”

Some lines of dialogue were originally scripted differently. This section details the noteworthy differences.

  • Mongo's line “Meteor storm?” after being told by his aide that the Explorer is caught in a meteor storm was originally scripted as: “A storm of meteors?!”

  • Jeff's line “But...the enemy!” was originally scripted as: “What about the enemy?!”

  • Marvin's humorous line about Lisa reading her book “Buried in that love story. She didn't even notice the meteors!” was originally scripted as: “Brushing up on space navigation by reading the Wizard of Oz!”

  • Jeff's line “Make up your minds!” was originally scripted as: “I wish they'd make up their minds...”

  • Mongo's line to his aide “You know the orders. Chase them to the planet of meteors! And then use the new Robeast!” was originally scripted as: “You know know, the orders, robot -- chase them to the planet of meteors! And use the Voltron-eliminator!!”

    The aide's follow up line of “As you order, Captain!” was originally scripted as: “Your wish is my command!”

  • Jeff's line “Form Voltron!” prior to the first Voltron formation scene was originally scripted as: “Let's go -- VOLTRON!”

  • Jeff's line “Form Voltron!” prior to the second Voltron formation scene was originally scripted as: “Voltron Force!!”

  • An Explorer repair crew member's line “Let's go!” was originally scripted as: “Lotsa damage!”

  • Hawkins' line “We should complete repairs and lift off shortly.” was originally scripted as: “We should complete repairs and lift off in a few minutes.”

    Incidentally, the line was originally scripted to be delivered by Sparks.

  • Hawkins' line “So that's why Mongo took off!” was originally scripted as: “Mongo must've know about it -- the coward!”

  • Hawkins' line “Jeff, just keep it up a little while longer!” was originally scripted as: “Jeff -- just keep rockin' out a little while longer.”

    Jeff's follow-up line “Commander, I don't know how long we can keep this up! They just keep coming!” was originally scripted as: “Commander -- let me tell you something about these rocks...they sure know how to roll!!”

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