A back-up squadron has been assigned to protect the Explorer while it's on a mission of peace in Drule territory. While enroute to the vessel, the squadron comes under attack from the Drules and refuses offers of help from the Voltron Force, forcing Jeff to disobey Commander Hawkins and fly himself and the rest of the Voltron Force out to save the squadron.

WRITTEN BY: Stan Oliver
TIMED BY: Jack Shaw
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 29, 1984

  • The reason why Wolo says “They're getting away, Jeff!” in Cliff's voice instead of his own is because writer Stan Oliver appears to have mistaken Wolo for Cliff in the shot.

  • The shot of Jeff removing his helmet and thinking to himself “That was for you and your crew, Captain Keo.” was scripted to be the closing shot of the end of the battle with the Robeast.

When Voltron was dubbed from Dairugger XV, the series suffered a number of edits, mostly to remove material that was considered objectionable or inappropriate for Voltron. However, some of the deleted material was intended to be featured in the series only to wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. This section details what deleted material was intended to be featured in "Help Not Wanted". Also detailed here are lines of dialogue that was scripted (and likely recorded) but not present in the episode.

  • Deleted from the opening scene of Drule ships in space was a long-distance shot of one fleet of ships travelling through space.

  • Deleted from the start of Krik's dialogue saying if it wasn't for Voltron his home planet would still be enslaved was an extra line from the Sea Team leader: “Gee, Cliff --”

  • Deleted from the start of the split-screen shot of the Air Team when they spot the entire Drule fleet heading toward them was a line of dialogue from Ginger congratulating Jeff for just having taken out three Drule ships: “That was good, Jeff!”

  • Deleted from the start of Keo's hoping that the Voltron Force escapes from the Drule fleet's laser fire was an extra line from the captain: “We have no other choice...”

  • Deleted from the sequence where the Strato Fighter dodges Drule laser fire and missiles prior to the fighter unit disengaging was a shot of Rocky appearing on Jeff's control panel monitor urging the Air Team leader to call for a retreat: “Jeff, we can't do anything alone out here! Give the order so we can retreat!”

  • Deleted from the end of Keo asking Hawkins if the Voltron Force has returned yet was an extra line from Keo asking of the Voltron Force: “Are they safe?”

  • Deleted from the end of Keo's line “Don't worry about us!” was an extra line of dialogue from him: “We each have a job to do.”

  • Prior to the Robeast attacking Keo's ship, a line of dialogue from Keo saying “Really?!” after being told by his radio operator that the Voltron Force has been detected was deleted.

Some lines of dialogue were originally scripted differently. This section details the noteworthy differences.

  • Most of the dialogue in the Drule space headquarters scene was originally scripted a bit differently.

    The original dialogue as presented in the script:

  • Newley's line “If our mission is to search for friendly planets, why did the Alliance send us into enemy space?” was originally scripted as: “If our mission is to search for friendly planets and new worlds to inhabit -- why did the Alliance send us into enemy space?”

  • Jeff's line “Mmm, dessert!” was originally scripted as: “Mmm-boy .. dessert!”

  • Sammy's line “Couldn't find the butterscotch, so I made out of high-protein vega-sauce!” was originally scripted as: “I lost the can of butterscotch so I made it with high-protein vega-sauce!”

  • Keo's line “We're in range now with our proton torpedos!” was originally scripted as: “At least we're in range now to help with our proton torpedos...”

  • Keo's line “Jeff, your instructions were to return to the Stellarship Explorer and leave the area!” was originally scripted as: “Jeff -- your instructions were to return to the Stellar-Ship Explorer...complete repairs...and leave the area as soon as possible!”

  • Keo's line “It's our job...you have yours.” was originally scripted as: “It's our job...you have yours -- we have ours.”

  • Keo's line “The Voltron Force think they're right, but they're wrong.” was originally scripted as: “The Voltron Force thinks they're doing the right thing -- but they're wrong!”

  • Jeff's line “Lucky for us, this ship can play dodge ball!” was originally scripted as: “Lucky for us -- this ship knows how to play dodge ball!”

    Jeff's follow-up line of “Okay, team, put 'er in gear and let's go!” was originally scripted as: “You're right, Rocky... Okay – put 'er in gear and let's go!”

    The original follow-up line was changed when a shot of Rocky appearing on Jeff's control panel monitor urging him to call for retreat was deleted from the scene. (see DELETED SCENES and DELETED DIALOGUE)

  • Mongo's aide's line “Captain, they split up and retreated!” was originally scripted as: “Captain -- they split up their battle formation and retreated.”

  • Keo's line “Please, Hawkins.” was originally scripted as: “Please, Hawkins -- do what I say!”

  • A Drule ship controller's line “The Voltron Force -- they're back again!” was originally scripted as: “It's the Voltron Force...they've come back again!”

  • Mongo's line “But I am still the captain until Hazar returns!” was originally scripted as: “That's right -- I am still the Captain until Hazar returns!”

  • Cliff's pleading “Sir, please!” was originally scripted as: “Sir -- please reconsider.”

  • Hawkins' line “Quiet! Pretend it's butterscotch topping!” was originally scripted as: “Don't argue! Just pretend it's butterscotch topping!”

  • Jeff's line “Hey, Sammy, this tastes different than before!” was originally scripted as: “Hey, Sammy...what's this? It tastes different than before!”

    Sammy's follow-up line “Silly boys. I found the butterscotch.” was originally scripted as: “Silly boys... I found the can of butterscotch topping.”

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