A dead world reminds Wolo of his brother and their home planet. But his reminiscing separates him from the Voltron Force ... and into trouble.

WRITTEN BY: Jack Paritz
TIMED BY: Stephen Kaufman
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 17, 1984

  • The Drule officer that speaks with Brak and then Hazar regarding the space explorers being on the dead planet appears to have been mistaken for Mongo by writer Jack Paritz, which explains why the officer speaks in Mongo's voice.

  • Wolo's lines “No big brother to save me now! This one's mine!” and “I'll get him!” were originally scripted to be heard in reverse order.

When Voltron was dubbed from Dairugger XV, the series suffered a number of edits, mostly to remove material that was considered objectionable or inappropriate for Voltron. However, some of the deleted material was intended to be featured in the series only to wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. This section details what deleted material was intended to be featured in "Wolo's Lost World". Also detailed here are lines of dialogue that was scripted (and likely recorded) but not present in the episode.

  • Deleted from young Wolo throwing a spear at the monster was a shot of the spear hitting the monster in the eye. A hand-written note in the script specifies that the shot is to be edited out, so it may have been intended to be left in at one point.

  • Deleted from Brak's joking that he defected to the Voltron Force was a line from Brak's aide in which he acknowledges Brak's joke: “Yes, sir!”

  • Trimmed from the shot of Wolo's ship flying into the air to join his Voltron team mates was an extreme close up of Wolo's vehicle's thrusters prior to his vehicle lifting off.

Some lines of dialogue were originally scripted differently. This section details the noteworthy differences.

  • Jeff's line “There must have been a civilisation here once. I wonder what happened to them?” was originally scripted as: “I wonder what happened to the civilisation that must have been here once.”

  • Hazar's line “Like my father, I'm always being attacked from all sides.” was originally scripted as: “Like my late father, always been attacked from all sides.”

    The line was changed due to the fact that Hazar's father is actually alive and first appears in the series a few episodes later.

  • Hawkins' line “Jeff, listen! We can't contact Wolo! He hasn't returned. Go check it out right away!” was originally scripted as: “Jeff, is that you? Good! Listen, we can't contact Wolo. He hasn't returned! Would you go check it out right away, please?”

  • Brak's joke “If he calls again, tell him I defected and I joined the Voltron Force!” was originally scripted as: “Tell him, if he calls again, that I decided to defect and I joined the Voltron Force!”

  • Cliff's line “You bet!” was originally scripted as: “Yeah!”

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