Brocca's Comet passes the Explorer and is being monitored by both the Voltron Force and the Drules. The Drules plot to use the comet's lunar effect to their advantage.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Walker
TIMED BY: Bobby Benett
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 25, 1984

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Colonel Cross.

  • Deleted from the scene in Hazar's quarters was a series of shots showing a painting of a naked Drule woman on the wall. Writer Michael Walker jokingly gave the woman several names in the script: Big-Boobs Barbie, busty broad, and Lady Bountiful.

  • Krik's line “They're sending out their famous robot charioteers!” was originally scripted to be heard in the shot of several Drule drone ships flying down after they are instructed to prevent the Voltron Force from forming Voltron.

  • Jeff, Krik and Cliff's lines stating their respective teams are ready to form Voltron was originally scripted to be heard in reverse order.

When Voltron was dubbed from Dairugger XV, the series suffered a number of edits, mostly to remove material that was considered objectionable or inappropriate for Voltron. However, some of the deleted material was intended to be featured in the series only to wind up on the cutting room floor anyway. This section details what deleted material was intended to be featured in "A Curious Comet". Also detailed here are lines of dialogue that was scripted (and likely recorded) but not present in the episode.

  • Deleted from the scene of Brocca's comet passing the Explorer was a line from an off-screen Rocky feeling the effect of the comet: “I can hardly move!”

    Also deleted from the scene was a voice over line from Sparks saying “It's almost out of sight.” as the comet is about to disappear behind a mountain.

  • Deleted from the very end of the scene where Jeff, Cliff, Ginger and Krik are eating and briefly talk about war gods was a voice over line from Cliff in which he says of an in-coming Galaxy Garrison support force: “They'll handle war gods!”

  • Deleted from the pan shot of Hazar and Mongo was Zabor issuing a warning about Brocca's Comet: “But if the comet has the effect Nerok says, it could be us under attack!”

  • Deleted from Mongo's proclamation that the Drules will crush Cross' fleet was an extra line from Mongo at the start of the shot: “It's working!”

  • Deleted from the pan shot of Lisa after he speech regarding the Egyptian people was a line of dialogue from Lisa when she realises Hawkins has stepped out on deck: “Commander!”

  • Deleted from the end of Hazar telling Mongo peace and co-operation is the only way the Drules will make it was a line from Mongo acknowledging Hazar's order to stop the fighting: “I'll try.”

  • Deleted from Voltron bursting out of the water the first time was a voice over line from Jeff: “Everybody up!”

  • Deleted from the shot of Voltron falling into the water for a second time was voice over line from Jeff: “Let's just go down a little deeper and rethink this next attack!”

  • Deleted from after Jeff's suggestion the Voltron Force have a meal was a shot of Lisa with her hands pressed together in prayer, to which an off-screen Jeff remarks: “That's a good idea, Lisa...just pray it isn't the chef's same old space hash!”

  • Deleted from the start of the final scene of the episode was a funny short sequence featuring Rocky, Chip and Hutch.

    The sequence as presented in the script:

Some lines of dialogue were originally scripted differently. This section details the noteworthy differences.

  • Krik's line “If the Drules don't show up and claim they found it first.” was originally scripted as: “If the Drules don't suddenly come along and claim they found it first!”

  • The Drule officer's line “Why bother with the comet's effect on our enemies?” was originally scripted as: “What need have we to bother with the Comet's effect on our enemies.”

  • Cross' bridge officer's line “We're to proceed to the Drule Zone, sir.” was originally scripted as: “They wish us to proceed towards the Drule Zone, sir.”

  • Cross' line “We cannot be successful without the Voltron Force, and they're too far away!” was originally scripted as: “We cannot be successful without the Voltron Force behind us. But they're far away!”

    His follow-up line “I don't care if the top brass has taken leave of their senses, we must reach Voltron!” was originally scripted as: “I don't care if the top brass has lost all their marbles, we must try to reach VOLTRON!”

  • Mongo's line “Yes, and now the entire universe will bow before the power of the Drule Empire!” was originally scripted as: “Yes and now that we can use it, the entire universe will bow before the power of the Drule Empire!”

  • Nerok's line “I've made a false comet.” was originally scripted as: “I've had a false comet devised.”

  • Sammy's line “It's my spinning comet special! You may feel a little dizzy, but don't worry!” was originally scripted as: “It's my comet special! You may experience a slight dizziness. Do not be alarmed. This will pass!”

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